Planes, Trains, and a Truck Blockade

Friday 4th July: The day we flew out of Auckland to Hong Kong for the first leg of our journey. We had originally planned to leave home about 9-9.30am, however due to some incredible protest action by truckers in all the major cities, we brought our plans forward by an hour or so. Which meant we sat at the airport for about 4 hours before we could get on the plane!

Eventually got on the plane, and settled in for our 11 hour flight. Nathan was a bit gutted to find our plane had not yet been upgraded – apparently that’s happening DURING July – so no power for the laptop. We did, however, have a very nice flight attendant who went and charged it in business class for us. Food – not too bad for plane food really!

Eventually we got to Hong Kong International Airport, went through customs no problems – and promptly got lost trying to find our transfer. After an hour or so of searching, we were informed by Cathay Pacific staff that we were looking for the wrong thing, and told where we should be. Got there, wait another 1/2 an hour for the bus, and then we were off!

I have no idea where it was we were, but that bus ride showed me one of the most incredible sights I’ve seen for a while. We were driving down a street, and lining the street on both sides and in the middle were boxes and BOXES of fruit! People unloading trucks and pallets into little cubbyhole shops along the road, along a whole street. Oranges, grapes, cherries, watermelons, and even good old NZ kiwifruit. Just incredible.

Well, we’re all settled in to our hotel, and off to Macau for the day on Saturday, so will post pictures and an update when that happens. Bye for now!

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  1. Manda says:

    The sad thing isthat with all that fruit that I bet you could get for real cheap you can’t even bring it back with you!On the bright side you might get an upgraded plane on the way back and a plane is more fun than the ferry is for 3hrs. (Sarah’s coming to visit me and she’s on the ferry with nothing to do but stare at hot guys) You know I knew you were going to China but when are you coming home?!? Have lots of fun and don’t get into too much trouble 😀

  2. Mum says:

    Hi Honey,wow one of my babies in China! Thanks Nathan for the blog, its so cool to be able to talk to you both. Hope you had a great day today, we are all alone here cause Sarah is in Wellington, Nathaniel and Jessie are at work. Drinking too much coffee and eating too much cake cause we can! Got a new workout at the gym and can hardly move today. Have fun, love you…Mum and Dad

  3. Nice blog,i will come back here everyday, greetings

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